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全球动力传输领域的领航者——驱动世界的XXA leader in the field of global power transmission —XX is driving the world1931年,XX诞生于德国巴符州的布鲁克塞尔市。


A leader in the field of global power transmission —XX is driving the world


XX is founded in Broekselle, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany in 1931.


It is specialized in the production of electric motors, reducers and variable- frequency control equipment.


As one of the best known transmission manufacturers in the world, XX enjoys reputation both at home and abroad with its exquisite manufacturing techniques in coining new concepts in transmission field and extending the scope of mechanical manufacturing.


Through nearly a century of development, now the products and service network of XX are distributed across the five continents and all the industrial countries.


“The Red Storm of XX is sweeping across the world.”

1994年,XX全面进入高速发展的中国,建立了亚太制造中心,In 1994, XX entered the fast-growing China and established its Asia-Pacific manufacture center.


Adhering to the enterprise spirit of “Precision and Excellence”, XX devotes itself to combining the advanced German manufacturing technology with the wisdom and diligence of Chinese, sets up the mainline composed of three development strategies, namely competitive products, service, and localization, and establishes assembly centers in Suzhou, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan and Xi’an in succession as well as a motor manufacturing center in Suzhou.

目前XX中国已经发展成为共有10家公司,12家工厂的大型集团公司,并下设50多个技术服务办事处遍布全国各大中城市,XX中国的成功,被市场称为奇迹,XX中国的贡献, 助中国的装备制造业实现跨越式发展。

XX China has now become a large group company with 10 subsidiaries,12 manufacturing plants and more than 50 technical service offices across the country. The success of XX China has been regarded as a miracle in the market. In addition, the contribution made by XX China helps the Chinese equipment manufacturing industry to realize development by leaps and bounds.


Theoretically speaking, with its advanced modular portfolio and uniform accessories and components manufacturing standards, XX can offer thousands of varied combinations according to the modeling requirements of its clients.


It can supply its clients with whole package of drive solutions ranging from mechanics to the electronics.


Products of XX China are used widely in a multitude of industries, such as power energy, ferrous metallurgy, coal, mining, port construction, automobile industry, building materials and equipment, chemical industry, environmental protection and light industry.


Adopting the unified XX German criteria and quality management system from product design to production and assembly, XX China provides its clients with the same high-quality products as those produced in Germany.


Under meticulous technological processes and strong technical superiority, XX China inserts the high-quality manufacturing skills to each link of its production.


In the course of blank making, gear cutting, cabinet processing, heat treatment, product inspection and product assembly, XX China adopts the most advanced techniques in the world to realize full-automatic processing.


Preciseness comes from rigorousness. The staff of XX China adheres to their faiths about excellence and extraordinariness.


XX China has long been committed to importing the supreme products and technology from Germany in order to connect itself with the global market and to present the state-of-art products for Chinese customers.


Inheriting the tradition of rigorousness and excellence from German precision machinery industry, and staying true with Chinese market reality, XX China develops high-quality products that absorb advanced technologies and meet the customers’ individual needs. Such products help filling the blanks in domestic market, and reflect the international advanced level in the transmission industry, which boosts the growth of Chinese equipment manufacturing industry.


"To view the customer’s things as ours”is an idea adopted by every staff of XX China.


Wherever you are, XX after-sales support team is 24h at your service so that they can arrive at the site as soon as possible and provide you with both professional and perfect after-sales service as well as timely and effective technical guarantee.


Ever since being founded in China, XX has insisted on the orientation of being rooted in and serving China.


XX China has a young and dedicated Chinese team filled with aspiration and ambition.


They not only undergo the systematic, standard and rigorous training in German headquarters, but also enjoy the customized growth plan provided by the enterprise.


Under the joint effort of the team, XX China is the overseas branch company with best sales performance within XX Group. It is composing a grand chapter for Chinese people in the international power transmission field.


Nowadays, products from XX China are widely used in the important national construction projects. XX China products can be found in one after another amazing national construction projects.


The manufacture level of global leading drive equipment glows even more with the intelligence and persistence of the Chinese.

XX的“中国梦”刚刚启航, XX中国公司,正在为实现传动之梦秣马厉兵,蓄势待发。

The Chinese Dream of XX has just begun its journey; XX China is ready for great adventures in its course of realizing the dream of the transmission industry.


Small as it is, the gear reducer is driving the whole world. The world moves with XX.



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